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> Paroles : Slave To The River
from a stream she cried me river and at the river she showed me my dream
only peace cold deliver
the son of sons and let him resouce me anyway

Chorus: slave to the river
followin'so sinner
slave to the river
followin'so sinner
teardrops gonna flow away
sunshine's gonna bow the rain
teardrops gonna flow away
sunshine's gonna bow the rain

Vers: when the smoke cleared she was standin'there
there was nomore fear on the battlefield
tell me who is fit to judge a man
that was there from before time gegan
the ancient spirit from the river bank
babatunde don of great man that was know to be a givin'one
livin'son of a mother that is beautiful oh i feal so powerful when i flow and


Vers: follow the one and only trud done gogon
"lay" was born from the soitthat was planted by the 2gwan"
i am the son of sons of chamunka and nehanand here true kwere afican who's knocking at my door an whant fi offer me american brainwash my nation to armageddon
whit nudear science, technology and money charm
that's how them want if confict the third nation
but soon and very soon i ah know that their day will come prophecied in revelations
cry me a river where peace see the morning sun
and the resurrection of leader and swan